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 Academic Services  

Saugus High School

Additional Academic Services Schedule

Spring 2014

For any questions, please contact:

Mr. Hinze or Mr. Henderson or

(661) 297-3900 ext. 1703 or 3806

Before School

Wednesday Student Help Days are scheduled for 2/12, 3/12, 4/16, 5/28 from 7:45-8:45.
Check with teachers for more details.

Technology Center

Day(s): T-Th
    Time: 3:15-5:15 pm (2/4 to 5/21)
Location: Library

After School Tuesday February 4th until Wednesday May 21st

English Department

Day(s): Every Wednesday
Time: 3:00-4:00
Location: Q 1710

Help in Geometry

Day(s): See Mr. Jacobson
Time: After School and Evenings
Location: J1014

   SpEd Department

Day(s):  Every Tuesday
Time:  3:15-4:15
Location:  Room R1801 & R1805

 Help in Chemistry

Day(s) Mondays
Time: 3:15-4:15
Location: X2423

Social Studies Department

Day(s):  Wednesdays
Time:  3:15-4:15
Location:  See Social Studies Teacher

 Help in World Languages

***See teacher for availability***

Saturday School for Academics

Days:  2/8, 3/8, 3/22, 4/19, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17  
Time: 8:00-12:15
Location:  Saugus High School Library

   CAHSEE Prep

English-Language Arts: Janis Holt

Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Location: Q 1708
Time: 3:15-4:15
Math: Amber Nua

Days: Monday/Wednesday
Location: R1805
Time: 3:15-4:15
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