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 Centurion Fund
Giving Today... Building Tomorrow

What Does Your Financial Assistance Mean to Our Students?

So that you can get an idea of what your generous contribution might mean to our students, please consider some of the following scenarios:

  • A $10 donation would provide 1 Saugus student all the materials needed to participate in all dissection science labs for a whole semester.

  • A $25 donation would provide 2 Saugus students the material to build a project in their Woodshop class.

  • A $50 donation would purchase art supplies for 5 students for a whole year.

  • A $75 donation would provide enough photographic paper and ink for a whole class of digital photography students for an entire semester.

  • A $100 donation would provide a whole class of ceramic students all the materials needed in one semester to create, glaze and fire their clay projects.

  • A $100 donation would purchase a TI-84 graphing calculator for a student to checkout during a semester in high level math classes.

  • A $200 donation would provide the funding for one whole Animal Vertebrate Biology class to participate in the duckling imprinting project.

The Mission Statement of Saugus High School is to “Promote all students’ learning to ensure personal growth and future success.” This California Distinguished School has a rich tradition of promoting academic excellence, social development, athletic distinction, and an appreciation for the arts. Our guiding principle is that schools are for kids and they exist to prepare every student for the world that awaits them after their secondary education is complete. The staff at Saugus High is committed to building up all areas of student lives, fostering positive relationships, and preparing students to be life-long learners. We are very proud of the teachers and staff members who continue to make a difference in preparing minds and bodies for the future.

We offer programs and classes that help facilitate that preparation, including 39 sections of Advanced Placement offerings and an additional 30 sections of honors courses. We are also quite proud to offer a strong AVID program on campus that is preparing students for entry into four-year college environments. Through the partnerships established with more than fifty local businesses and individuals, Saugus High is leading the way in unique educational opportunities such as having the only cultural exchange program in the district (with Gao Xin #1 High School in Xi’an, China), pioneering the pod casting of A.P. lectures, leadership mentoring, taking all freshmen students to the Museum of Tolerance, creating Saturday Academies to assist students with academic progress, and forming a Freshman Immersion Day and assigning all 9th grade students a summer reading project (7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens).

In addition to our focus on a rigorous curriculum, Saugus High School boasts outstanding Athletic and Co-Curricular programs. More than half of those enrolled at Saugus are actively participating in one of 20 sports programs or are engaged in one of the many electives designed to foster the creativity of our students (dance, band, color guard, choir, theater arts, photography. journalism, yearbook, literary magazine, Saugus News Network, academic decathlon, etc.). Athletically, over the past ten years, Saugus has captured 6 State championships, 9 Southern Section titles, and 43 league championships. The accolades garnered by the co-curricular programs on campus have similarly filled the trophy cases. The Saugus High School learning community has earned a respected reputation locally and across the state for upholding our motto, “We don’t just teach students… We develop people who build better tomorrows.”

Bill Bolde, Principal

How Can You Help Us

The Centurion Fund has been created for family and friends of Saugus High School to help bridge the gap between funding that comes from the state budget and the costs to provide extraordinary experiences that supplement and augment the educational practices of our students (selected science lab projects, elective materials, athletic and co-curricular equipment, and other tools that lead to greater student learning).

If you or somebody you know, a neighbor, a friend, a business associate, or a company that you are tied with would like to help sponsor a program at Saugus High School or a specific department on our campus, we would greatly appreciate your thoughtful gift.

We have established various methods for people to support our school. We hope you will consider participating in one or more of these to help students and teachers in their pursuit of building up and maintaining this school of excellence - Saugus High School.


Donate to the Centurion Fund

The Centurion Fund supports a rigorous Saugus High Curriculum with many innovative programs that allow students to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of academics, arts, and athletics. The Centurion Fund allows parents, grandparents, friends, and alumni to make a generous one-time gift or choose the option of paying gifts in installments throughout the year.

Adopt a Teacher

As another way of generating greatly needed funds for our hard-working teachers, we invite you to adopt a  teacher for the 2012-2013 school year. A $500 donation would go directly to the teacher of choice and those funds would be theirs to use for classroom needs as they arise. In return, Saugus High School will place a plaque outside the classroom door that recognizes the contribution in the name of the family or business.


Sponsor a Program

You have an option of joining the Centurion Fund program or adopting a teacher, but you can also give to a specific program or curricular area. Any and all gifts given in this manner go directly to the department head, advisor, or coach. You can donate to the English department (or any of the other nine curricular areas), the Swim Team (or any of the other 19 athletic programs), or the Choir (or any of the other Performing Arts). There are many great programs that would be so thankful for your generous support.

Ways of Giving

Print the Centurion Fund Return Form below, and make your tax-deductible checks payable to Saugus High School
We will be accepting on-line giving in the near future.

Send your donation to:
Saugus High School -Centurion Fund
21900 Centurion Way
Saugus, Ca 91350

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