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Oral Rhetoric

Course Description

 Click here for the Writing Resource Padlet.


This one-semester course (can take it twice for credit) is designed to help students improve their speaking skills, their writing skills, and their understanding of literature. Students will analyze the structure and content of effective speeches, will write and present speeches using techniques studied, and will learn to listen with critical attention. They will study and analyze literary works, interpret them orally, and write critically about them.


Course units include:

  1. What is Rhetoric
  2. Speeches of Literature
  3. Speeches of History
  4. Expository Speeches
  5. Spontaneous Speeches
  6. Special Occasion Speeches


3/11/20--Class Agenda

*Watch "The Art of Debate--Cross Examination" and discuss how it applies to SPAR

2/28/20--Class Agenda

*Finish "The Great Debaters"
*Vlog "Dear Young People, You Terrify Me"
*Write one-page, typed, double-spaced response on the importance of finding and using your voice effectively, using examples/lessons from the film and/or Vlog--submit it

2/26/20--Class Agenda

*Continue "The Great Debaters" 
Consider: What lessons do we learn from the film about the importance of finding and using your voice effectively?