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Course Description

Relevancy is a literature driven course. The course is designed to help students make meaningful connections between classic literature and the world in which we live. The novels we will be reading are as follows: Frankenstein, 1984, and Dracula. In addition, we will read selected nonfiction articles and poetry that relate to the core novels. Throughout the course, we will look at the theme of fear and how our fears as a society are represented in our popular literature.


3/13/20--Class Agenda

**Sub Day today**
*Read section 1, chapters 2-3 of 1984 and write a response journal for chapters 1-3 for Monday 

3/12/20--Class Agenda

*Study guide for 1984 (get from class if absent)
*Journal #11
*Read Section 1, chapter 1

3/9/20--Class Agenda

*Read and annotate "Politics as Vocation" in groups
*Hand out discussion questions
HW: finish reading and annotating by the end of class tomorrow

3/5/20--Class Agenda

*Collect draft materials
*Exchange books
*Journal 10
*"when your friend runs for governor"
*Begin "Politics as Vocation"
HW: gather journals 1-10 to be collected tomorrow

3/2/20--Class Agenda

*Share Song Projects and collect
HW: Final draft due to tonight

2/28/20--Class Agenda

*finish test, finish playlist and turn in, finish essay and submit 
HW: final draft of essay due to by 11:59pm Monday

2/27/20--Class Agenda

*Short Answer exam
HW: playlist project due tomorrow in class, final draft essay due to Monday

2/26/20--Class Agenda

*Frankenstein Unit Graded Discussion 
HW: playlist project due Friday in class. Final draft of essay due Monday to by 11:59pm

2/25/20--Class Agenda

*Peer and Self-editing and proofreading 
***final draft due to by Friday at Midnight
HW: Playlist project due Friday in class 

2/24/20--Class Agenda

*Essay Drafting--should have a completed draft by the end of the period--bring a complete printed draft to class tomorrow
HW: print completed draft and bring to class, playlist project due Friday